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Protect your businesses before disaster strikes and never suffer from data loss ever again.

Backup Management

LMZ Consulting provides a wide range of Managed Backup, Data Recovery and Business Continuity Services to provide the level of protection you need to help keep your business running.

Business Continuity

Much more than simply backing up your files, business continuity provides continuous protection of – and uninterrupted access to – your critical data. It also offers you the ability to restore your data.

Disaster Recovery​

To ensure your business is available in times of disruption — whether that’s a natural disaster, service disruption or human error — you need to ensure you have a strong disaster recovery (DR) plan.

Cloud Backup

With a multi-cloud strategy, you’re positioned to utilize the cloud to help protect your data and optimize any legacy backup systems with the cloud

Why protect your data?

Ransomware, natural disasters, and simple human error can cause the loss of business-critical data at any time.

Protecting your data properly will help you recover from any disasters and always keep your business up and running.

Companies that lose their data
Will shut down within 6 months of the disaster. 60%
Fail to test their backups 38%
Still rely on external drives 44%
Don’t have a disaster recovery plan. 68%
Have no backup plan for data loss. 58%

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